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Do I have a big present for you today! If you love amateur porn just like me, then you are going to love this site that I came across the other day. Now I do have to say that I did heard of it before though. But I just never got on it. And I feel a little bit ashamed writing about it now too. But apparently it’s one of the oldest & biggest porn directory on the internet! I’m talking about ThePornDude of course! I think they get like a few millions visitors per week alone. And for a very good reason too. His site looks so clean and well organized. And it’s so easily to navigate through and find what ever you are looking for. They literally list every high quality adult sites out there that meets their standards! Whether you are looking for free porn tubes or VR porn sites, they got it for you. But not only do they list the sites, they even review it too. So you actually know what you are getting before you click on. Now that is what I call great service!

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But what I’m most interested in, is his list of Best Amateur Porn Sites of course! You and I are probably no different when it comes to looking for quality amateur porn sites where we can enjoy ourselves on. I myself definitely don’t want to waste my time on bad sites. And there are literally thousands of them out there. But luckily I got ThePornDude list for now. So if you haven’t been on it before, I can definitely recommend you to check it out. He’s listing some pretty great amateur sites that I know you will love. And I’m pretty sure it’s going to be one of your favorites now too. So you’re welcome ;)!

Amateur Model Spreading Legs in a Sexy Outfit

Now here is one of the sexiest amateurs that has recently come into the adult scene and her nickname is Cherry Crush. She is truly one of the better, if not the best-looking, ones out there. If you’re not into her looks, you can at least appreciate her style and uniqueness. In the photo below, miss Cherry is spreading her legs just so slightly, and exposing her inner thighs and tiny corners of her beautiful pussy lips.

Cherry Crush redbled amateur girl

What I find fascinating about her career is the fact that she seems to be doing porn, and I am not talking just about the softcore or vanilla. Usually, fresh porn stars are not open to these ideas as they try to extend their career beyond few years, first doing vanilla, then maybe swallowing, butt sex (she does that too) and then of course it is all up to the fantasy of the porn directors. Nikki Benz for example did none of that for the first ten years and now can be found in interracial videos involving multiple penises.

Anyway, back to Cherry, there are plenty of her pictures floating around reddit if you have found her to be as fascinating as I did. Having spoken to her manager personally, I can say that she is not interested in working with mainstream porn sites and prefer to support herself. Whether or not that attitude will change remains to be seen. But as of now, enjoy her while you can. She did make it to the top of multiple amateur porn actresses lists, so that should tell you something.

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Why Amateur Porn is So Amazing

Amateur porn is wonderful. Sure, there is some terrible amateur stuff out there. I mean, can you really forgive people who shoot in vertical mode, or don’t catch the real action when filming their porn? However, it can be argued that the best porn around is always going to be the homemade amateur content like this list of sites here. If you think about it, the lower production values of amateur porn videos adds a sense of ‘rawness’ to the video. There is no over-produced emotions or anything like that. There is no director screaming at the porn stars to show a bit more enthusiasm or to do something different. Everything that you see on the camera is what was really happening at the time. The moans are real. The pleasure is real. The situations are real. This is as close to ‘proper’ sex that you will get without doing the real thing.

I, personally, love the fact that the videos that you are watching are coming from people who are genuinely into the sex as opposed to doing it for a quick pay day. In fact, much of the free amateur porn that you stumble across online is from people who are not expecting to make any money from it. They are just showing off their ‘skills’ to the world simply for the love of having sex. The best part is that because amateur porn is so popular nowadays, there are huge amateur porn websites dedicated to this type of porn. You will be surprised at just what normal people have managed to capture on camera. You sink your teeth into this, and you will be excited. This is the best type of porn, bar none. Visit Mr. Porn Geek here if you want to be introduced to some of the greatest porn sites in the world.

Where do you find hot amateur girls in real porn?

We’ve all seen our fair share of babes with big plastic tits that like to moan to a fake orgasm and sap all the fun out of porn. It’s always the same old positions, same old outfits, and same old body types. We’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore! Right? But where do you find real amateur girls and high-quality porn sites that are safe? The answer couldn’t be simpler. You can mosey on down to amateur porn sites list and check out the handpicked and reviewed selection with some of the best amateur websites around.

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Are you strapped for cash? Not into the whole monthly subscription thing? Don’t worry because you’ll find plenty of free amateur porn videos and pictures on this list. For instance, is absolutely free and packed to the rafters with all sorts of homemade sex movies and photos. Take a glance at their homepage and you’ll be tempted to call in sick just so you can spend some quality time with yourself. But this is only one place, and the tip of the iceberg. If you love amateur nudes, sex tapes and webcam babes, you owe it to yourself to check this list out.

PornDeals – Best Porn Discounts & Deals!

So Easter is just around the corner, and if you’re looking for some great premium PornDeals to entertain you that day, I got them for you! I mean who doesn’t like looking at quality porno on the internet for just a few bucks every month? Without it, I think most of the paysites are just a little bit too expensive. Luckily, is packed with cheap deals of every known brand in the adult industry. Whether you are looking for Reality Kings, Mofos, Brazzers or Erito discount; they always ensure you get the best and lowest price for porn. Their slogan “Get off for less” fits like no other. There is definitely no other better discount porn sites out there like theirs. They review every porn sites themselves too, so you know what you are getting.

Also, for every special event (e.g: New Year, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas etc.) and weekends, they prepare special deals just for you. So there is always something new for you to try out. If you don’t like it, you can always move on to the next deal. It’s that easy. And this weekend is Easter, so they got 17 deals ready for you, including the #1 porn site on the internet – Reality Kings – just for you. You can get it for just $9.99! That means you save 67%! Is that a great deal or what? I would definitely recommend you to try it out before you miss your chance. It’s only a few bucks and you get top-notch quality porn. What more do you want?


Watching Amateur Cam Girls For Free

So you probably know now how much I love looking at cute amateur girls by now. There is literally nothing that I rather do than stare at them all day long and trying to expand my quality collection at the same time. I really enjoy spending my time blogging about them too and sharing my private quality collection with you guys. And from the feedback that I got, I know you guys love it too. If you have been following my porn blog for some time now, you also know that I especially adore girls that bents over and showing their huge delicious asses and pussies from behind. I just freaking love looking at them. It’s a real turn on for me. You can probably understand why those are my favorite ones too. I mean have you seen how hot it is when a girl bents over? But apart from looking at pictures all day long, I also visit some Amateur Cam Site once in a while when I got time. Now I know that that is a little bit different. But a little variation is good too, right? There are really a lot of cute girls out there that just love chatting & putting on a show. And watching them of course is totally free. Sometimes I do make a request to make them bent over and play themselves. But that’s because I’m into that. You do need an account to do that though. So unless you want to interact with them, you don’t need one at all. But like I said, that is totally up to you. Whether you are looking for cute 18+ teen girls or Latinas or Asians, there is always somebody online to keep you company. So that’s good to know.

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Cam girls are always popular on my porn blog. Hence why I love writing about them. I know I’ve posted a few of them sexy girls up already. But I, personally, never have recommended any hot cam sites yet. Which is quite strange, since a lot of cute & hot amateurs can be found on it. I have a good reason for not doing it before though. Because I wanted to do my own research first. And checking out all those cam related sites take quite a large amount of time. I hope you understand that. But I finally found one that I really like and can recommend to you guys! And that’s! So Firecams is definitely one of the better Live Sex Cams out there. Their site looks so freaking clean. Everything is sorted out nicely. And most importantly, there are tons of live sexy streaming girls on it. So that means you got a lot of choice.

Whether you are looking for Asians, Redheads, MILF or teens with big tits; they got it all. Including a category that I like very much that caught my eyes. And that’s the hot Amateur Webcam Threesome category. That’s right, they also got an awesome 3some category just for your entertainment. You should definitely check that out if you got time. I mean who doesn’t like looking at girls spoiling each other or sharing a guy? I also suggest you make an account though. Because then you can actually chat with the girls and see if you and her are a match. You might even get your request through if you have one. It’s also totally free, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. You can thank me later ;)!

Some cam sites just have it all and is one of them. The second you click your way onto the homepage, you’re greeted with tons of available models who just want to have a good time with you. Men, women and couples are all on display and all you have to do is chose your favorite. The browsing system works perfectly with common terms right up at the top for your use. You can pick from things like “lovense” “anal” or “feet” to have exactly the kind of sex cam experience that you want.

I got into the best room that I’ve ever seen. This model was using the tipping system to reach different goals throughout the night. I got there right as she hit the mark to remove her panties and it was one of the best things ever to grace the internet. She didn’t simply take them off; she peeled them off of her body and let her ass take over the show. She had a perfect body and a great personality to match it. It was clear right from the beginning that she was there to have fun and not just make money.

She offered me the opportunity to continue to tip while she went about her show, which I happily accepted. It turned out that she had a lovense deep in her pussy that reacted every single time I sent her something. Making it vibrate was the very best way to interrupt her show and make her squeal. She ended up cumming for me and I’ve since added her to my followed list.

If you’re looking for new sex cams, you’re not going to go wrong with The site works perfectly and the streams are high quality. You can easily browse and search the night away, or you can have a lot of fun with the roulette. The models are all amazing and always looking to have a good time with you. Amateur Pics

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I know that you guys can appreciate good quality amateur porn – whether it’s videos or pictures. Otherwise you wouldn’t be visiting my quality blog, right? Now I also know that I have introduce you to videos section several times already. And they were really well received by a lot of people. It’s fast and user friendly. So they deserve it the praise too!

But did you know that they also got a fantastic Amateur Picture Porn category? That is what I would like to discuss with you today. If you have been on their site before, you know how easy it is to navigate through their clean site. It is a little bit different than mine though. But that’s because I like to blog about the pictures that I got. That’s part of the fun. Plus I usually got those pictures sorted out in sets too. But on you got an easy porn gallery, where all the images are sorted next and under each other. And that could be really convenient for a lot of people who like to scan through a site without knowing what they are looking for exactly. Everyday, tons of pictures gets uploaded on it too by their own fan base. So you know you always get fresh & hot images to look at, which is a huge plus if I can say so myself. And if you do know what you want, you can use the left menu to choose your category. You can also combine them if you click on the ‘+’ next to the category, so you can search more specifically. If you haven’t seen it yet, I suggest you go check it out. It’s free and it will only take a second of your time. Who knows? You might like it?

Screenshot of Porn amateur pics section Hot Genuine Amateur Stuff

Wife Porn Homemade Sex

I got another fantastic porn channel that I would like to introduce to you from I stumbled upon it by accident, so a little serendipity is in play here. And I know you guys always appreciate hot genuine amateur stuff, whether they are uploaded on my own blog or on other people’s sites. If you didn’t had time to visit yet, I suggest that you do. Because otherwise you’d be missing out on a lot of good stuff! And I know you don’t want that.

So the channel that I’m talking about is called Amateurity Porn. But what makes this channel so good, is that it’s filled with pure homemade porn videos. At the moment of writing there is only 975 videos uploaded to that channel, but the combined view is more than 25 million! So that means it’s got to be filled with some good authentic amateur sex videos, right? Or otherwise it wouldn’t be so popular.

One of the videos that really caught my eye is this gorgeous blonde in her amateur couple video. Now this might be an oldie, but it’s still freaking good! It starts out with a little bit of tease, where she’s standing over him and slapping his cock on her pussy. But where it really starts to get hot is when they move over to the bathroom. You can see in the screenshot that I took below is where he really takes her. She got a nice hot tight body and I suspect that she might be a college girl. So you know it’s the good stuff!

Wife Porn Homemade Sex

If you want to see this video, you can just follow this link and it will lead you straight to the video for you to enjoy!