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Why amateur porn? A question we seem to get asked a lot here. Our response; because it is the best damn porn you can get.

Don’t get us wrong, we are not shooting the studio-produced stuff down. If you want to see a huge cock fuck hard pussy in glorious HD then you are probably not going to get better than that. Amateur porn is for those who fancy a far more sensual experience.

There are only so many shitty storylines that we can deal with when it comes to studio-produced porn. As much as we would love it to be the case, chances are that people are not raring for a fuck at every given moment. It just feels…fake. Amateur porn has passion. There is no story, you just get to indulge yourself in some sweet love making. Not always the best cam skills, but always the best sex will greet you when it comes to amateur porn.

If you want to enjoy some of the best homemade porn, then we suggest that you move your ass over to Best Home Made Porn Sites. The best amateur sites porn around. This epic site is your dick’s one-stop-shop to some amazing homemade porn movies of We love it.

Watch My GFs

If there is one thing you can count on – besides deaths and taxes – it is that guys will kiss and tell. Sucks for the girls, but it is fucking awesome for us dudes!

Never before has there been a better time to be alive if you are as perverted as I am, and I am guessing you are. With a $25 discount to Watch My GF you get full access to an entire network of candid selfie porn sites. Each of the sites tackles a particular niche. Examples include teens, MILFs, bi-curious girls, BBW, busty, MILFs and more.

Let’s face it, you are going to beat off anyway. You might as well be doing it at a discounted rate, right? Check out everybody else’s GF’s at Watch My GF and enjoy!

Czech Casting – Aneta

So yeah… This girl isn’t exactly an amateur since she is sitting down for a casting call with a Czech porn company. But you have to consider the fact that she isn’t a star yet, she has real tits and her eyes are fucking hot!

Don’t spend another weekend jerking off to girls like this one only to find yourself pulling out your credit card at 3 A.M. and getting gouged on the price. This discount to Czech Casting saves you up to 45% off the regular monthly price. Plus you get access to the entire Czech AV network of 35+ sites in tons of hot niches.

The Porn Discount Club has deals on the big brands like Bangbros, Brazzers and Reality Kings, but that isn’t the best part! They also give you discounts to sites like Homegrown Video, My Anal Girlfriend, Karups and more. Be sure to join their Email newsletter so you never miss another amateur porn deal!

Petite Lover

Petite Lovers Teen flashing her tit

As you can pretty well tell, I am a big fan of hot girls who enjoy flashing their tits. has a nice selection of industry chicks and amateurs showing you their money literally!

This site isn’t just about flashing though. They also have girls who go all the way. The videos number over 230 and most of the models shoot more than one video. There are also over 570 photo sets for you to enjoy.

To help you enjoy yourself this weekend you can get 60% off Petite Lover with this discount link. At only $9.99 for your first month this deal is a steal, and you can cancel online at any time. Get over 4,300 more discounts on porn sites at!

Petite Lovers Teen flashing her tit

Naked Girl Next Door Bating

Porndiscounts yank

I am pretty sure every guy out there has either tried to or, at least wanted to, watch the girl next door pleasure herself. Well now is your chance and we found you a nice discount! has been around filming girls tickling themselves silly since 2002. The site is shot by females and owned by females. Why is that important? Because females won’t cut corners or turn out a shitty product just to make a quick buck. So the orgasms? All real. The girls? All real (hey, this is something you have to think about now). And the updates? You can expect several per week. Trust me, between the updates and the archives you won’t get bored here.

Get 67% off with this Yanks discount and save each and every month! The price never goes up so long as you stay a member. Want an even bigger discount? Join for a year at $8.33/mth in one payment, but I gotta tell ya, the no-commitment $9.95 per month for life is pretty darn sweet!

Need more deals in your life? Good, because Porn Discounts has over 4,300 discounts and deals on everything from the heavy weights like Brazzers, PornPros and Team Skeet, to the less heard of amateur sites like Nebraska Coeds and Real Tampa Swingers.

No matter how you slice it, you are going to save a lot of cash!

Porndiscounts yank

How to Know If You’re Falling in Love

Love is a special condition that completely changes the work of our body and mind. Love activates us, awakens sensuality, breeds happiness and the desire to live. Often, love sneaks up and strikes us out of the blue. So, how to know if you are falling in love? Here are some signs from

  1. You encounter her everywhere
    It seems that fate brings you together: you bump into her in different places, your friends talk about her, she is online whenever you log in.
  2. You want to be with her
    You miss her when she’s not around. You don’t think about friends, relatives, and work. You are ready to sacrifice all your free time to spend it with her. You include her in all your plans.
  3. Romance and love
    Something unconceivable is going on with your playlist of music on your phone and computer. When did love songs replace your favorite metal and rock?
  4. She is your drug
    It’s like an obsession. You think about her constantly and even make mental dialogs. You can’t sleep because she is on your mind.
  5. She is perfect
    The world hasn’t seen such a beautiful girl. You realize that other girls have some virtues. But your girlfriend is a combination of all the qualities that you like: she is smart, beautiful, charming, kind, passionate, and sexy.
  6. You are ready to change
    Few things (and even fewer people) can make a person change for the better. However, you are becoming a better version of yourself because of this girl.
  7. You want to talk about her
    You are ready to share how you feel about her with your friends and want to talk about her even with passers-by. Man, love is flooding you!
  8. You want her
    You want to hug her, hold her hand, kiss her lips, and tell funny stories. But deep down, you want even more. The combination of romance and sexual attraction is, actually, love.
  9. You forget your ex-girlfriend
    Sometimes, you just need to meet the right person to completely let go of your past. If you’re in love, you don’t think about your ex.
  10. You make joint plans
    You think about children, family and things like this. Well, what else can we say? This is love.

Real Amateur Discounts

Real Amateur Discounts

Perhaps, one of the biggest problems in amateur porn is that nobody is using real amateurs! It is pretty disgusting what companies will put out there to try and capitalize on a fad. So lets look at some sites that do have truly amateur girls, and even better, lets look at how you can avoid paying full price to see them.

One popular site in the amateur niche is I Know That Girl. They actually scout girls in the Mid-West and fly them out to sunny Southern California to bang the shit out of them in a hotel room. If you are from Kentucky, Ohio or any number of Mid-Western states you just might know one of these girls. You can get to know them all for as little as $9.99 per month with an I Know That Girl discount. Plus you get access to the entire Mofos network. I would have to say that they do the best reality porn on the net!

Next, we will look at Net Video Girls where it is kind of a half and half situation. Many of the girls are amateurs and some of them are well known pornstars. The guy that runs the site has girls come in for an audition for a calendar and then he tries to get them to fuck him. It is shot POV style and you have to give the guy some props. Even though he is fucking well known pornstars on occasion, and not amateurs, HE IS FUCKING WELL KNOWN PORNSTARS!

Again, get in for less with a 50% off Net Video Girls discount from At Reality Porn Discounts you will find a wide range of deals for true amateur sites and reality porn sites that will save you up to 81% off!

Top Amateur Porn Sites

Do I have a big present for you today! If you love amateur porn just like me, then you are going to love this site that I came across the other day. Now I do have to say that I did heard of it before though. But I just never got on it. And I feel a little bit ashamed writing about it now too. But apparently it’s one of the oldest & biggest porn directory on the internet! I’m talking about ThePornDude of course! I think they get like a few millions visitors per week alone. And for a very good reason too. His site looks so clean and well organized. And it’s so easily to navigate through and find what ever you are looking for. They literally list every high quality adult sites out there that meets their standards! Whether you are looking for free porn tubes or VR porn sites, they got it for you. But not only do they list the sites, they even review it too. So you actually know what you are getting before you click on. Now that is what I call great service!

ThePornDude Logo

But what I’m most interested in, is his list of Best Amateur Porn Sites of course! You and I are probably no different when it comes to looking for quality amateur porn sites where we can enjoy ourselves on. I myself definitely don’t want to waste my time on bad sites. And there are literally thousands of them out there. But luckily I got ThePornDude list for now. So if you haven’t been on it before, I can definitely recommend you to check it out. He’s listing some pretty great amateur sites that I know you will love. And I’m pretty sure it’s going to be one of your favorites now too. So you’re welcome ;)!

Amateur Model Spreading Legs in a Sexy Outfit

Now here is one of the sexiest amateurs that has recently come into the adult scene and her nickname is Cherry Crush. She is truly one of the better, if not the best-looking, ones out there. If you’re not into her looks, you can at least appreciate her style and uniqueness. In the photo below, miss Cherry is spreading her legs just so slightly, and exposing her inner thighs and tiny corners of her beautiful pussy lips.

Cherry Crush redbled amateur girl

What I find fascinating about her career is the fact that she seems to be doing porn, and I am not talking just about the softcore or vanilla. Usually, fresh porn stars are not open to these ideas as they try to extend their career beyond few years, first doing vanilla, then maybe swallowing, butt sex (she does that too) and then of course it is all up to the fantasy of the porn directors. Nikki Benz for example did none of that for the first ten years and now can be found in interracial videos involving multiple penises.

Anyway, back to Cherry, there are plenty of her pictures floating around reddit if you have found her to be as fascinating as I did. Having spoken to her manager personally, I can say that she is not interested in working with mainstream porn sites and prefer to support herself. Whether or not that attitude will change remains to be seen. But as of now, enjoy her while you can. She did make it to the top of multiple amateur porn actresses lists, so that should tell you something.

Found via:

Why Amateur Porn is So Amazing

Amateur porn is wonderful. Sure, there is some terrible amateur stuff out there. I mean, can you really forgive people who shoot in vertical mode, or don’t catch the real action when filming their porn? However, it can be argued that the best porn around is always going to be the homemade amateur content like this list of sites here. If you think about it, the lower production values of amateur porn videos adds a sense of ‘rawness’ to the video. There is no over-produced emotions or anything like that. There is no director screaming at the porn stars to show a bit more enthusiasm or to do something different. Everything that you see on the camera is what was really happening at the time. The moans are real. The pleasure is real. The situations are real. This is as close to ‘proper’ sex that you will get without doing the real thing.

I, personally, love the fact that the videos that you are watching are coming from people who are genuinely into the sex as opposed to doing it for a quick pay day. In fact, much of the free amateur porn that you stumble across online is from people who are not expecting to make any money from it. They are just showing off their ‘skills’ to the world simply for the love of having sex. The best part is that because amateur porn is so popular nowadays, there are huge amateur porn websites dedicated to this type of porn. You will be surprised at just what normal people have managed to capture on camera. You sink your teeth into this, and you will be excited. This is the best type of porn, bar none. Visit Mr. Porn Geek here if you want to be introduced to some of the greatest porn sites in the world.