Chinese Nude GF Exposed Part 3

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One of my blog fans really surprised me today. Thank you so much for sending me her hot Asian Girlfriend Nudes collection! I really appreciate it a lot. You have no idea how happy you really made me. All credits definitely goes to him! He doesn’t want to be named though. But I can tell you that he’s a very nice guy that loves collecting pictures too, just like me. I’m feeling very lucky to have met him through my blog. Because I’ve actually been searching for this cute Chinese nude collection for quite some time now. I already posted up a few of her tasty Sweet Bent Over Chinese Ass pics. But I couldn’t find any more of her. Luckily our MVP showed up out of nowhere and after a few mail exchanges, I told him about this girl. He remembered her collection and now here we are.

Cute call me Chinees nude amateur leaked girlfriend

Sexy Chinese Nude Girlfriend Exposed

Don’t ask me why I’m so obsessed with this China cutey though. Because I got no clue either. There is just something about her that I like so much. Maybe it’s her cute smile that drives me nuts. Or her huge tasty Chinese nude ass. Or that she resembles someone that I actually know ;). She does have a few of her features. So it wouldn’t surprise if she’s Whenzhounese as well. I know that most of them Whenzhounese girls are actually really hot! Or at least I think they are.

So I received a bunch of her pictures. Well actually, I think he send me her whole collection (again, thank you so much!). If I remember it correctly it was more than 100 nudes. But like always, I only selected her hottest & sexiest ones to display on my popular Amateur Porn Pics blog. So these are her twenty-seven hot Chinese nude exposed pics. I hope you like it. Enjoy <3

Cute Chinese nude GF exposed collection HOTYes, I know that you might think that she’s a bit hairy. But I just love all natural girls. She’s beautiful! Regardless if she got a whole bush down there or not. She looks a little bit annoyed. But somehow I find that attractive too.

I actually think that these are her real Chinese nude girlfriend exposed pictures actually:

Hot naked China girlfriend pic a little bit annoyedBecause it looks like that she isn’t even aware of her shot being taken here. God, I would love to jump on top of that <3

And here she’s finally catching on I think. But you can tell that she secretly likes it too. Oh my gosh, looking at this sweet picture of her makes my heart melt away:

Leaked naked Chinese amateur getting into it picShe is perfect for me! I love that cute innocent smile on her. And those magnificent young Asian tits though. Small, but I like it.

So a followup leaked Chinese nude amateur pic, is where she’s reacting to something:

Innocent sweet exposed China girl naked on bedYou can tell that she’s definitely not faking her cuteness at all. She’s 100% authentic and that is what probably makes her so attractive to me <3

Now she’s also a little bit shy too:

Amazing Chinese nude cutey exposed on bed feeling a bit shyBut that is what makes this picture so hot! I like how she’s trying to cover up her sweet Asian tits in here <3

Eventually all girls, including her, will loosen up. And then you’ll get this perfect shot of her:

Sweet Asian girl naked leaks sitting on bedShe’s definitely posing now. You can’t see her tits or pussy, but I still like it very much.

Here she finally lowered her hands again. And showing those delicious young Chinese nude tits:

Innocent look-away nude shot while sitting on bedWhat a sweety! Isn’t she?

Now this is definitely a picture that shows that she’s finally getting into it:

Lovely Chinese nude tits photoBecause she’s giving a little cheeky smile in here. Just wait till you see the next leaked Chinese nude shot of her though.

Oh yes, it’s getting even better. Because here you got one of my favorite Chinese nude GF leaks of her:Real Chinese amateur naked cute smile on bedShe’s smiling so bright in here! I love it <3

But she’s still a little bit shy though as you can see:

Sexy nude Chinese amateur tits with hairy pussy exposedThis amateur Chinese nude girl has nothing to be ashamed off. She’s drop-dead gorgeous for me <3 I would love take her for a night out and show her that ;).

So these are definitely all her leaked homemade Chinese nude porn pictures for sure:

Natural Chinese nude experience in hotelI can’t stop looking at her wonderful nudes <3 She’s so incredibly sexy!

If I didn’t know any better. I would actually say that she’s a call girl:

Call me sweet Asian nude girl

Anyone know her number ;)?

I do have to admit that her tits do look a little bit small though:

Exposed Chinese nude hairy pussy tits pic lying on bedBut I definitely wouldn’t mind playing with that. I bet she loves getting her tits licked and sucked on. Most girls even like it when you bite tease a bit <3 It makes them all horny wet.

Sweet Chinese Pussy Pics

So moving on to some hot China girl pussy pics. You can tell that she’s definitely ready too:

Hot innocent Chinese nude pussy leg spreading vagina photoI can’t stress out enough how cute she is! And look at how she got her legs wide open too. She’s ready for sure. That tight little China pussy is just begging to be penetrated here.

Or would you like to go down on her first and eat that oriental vagina out?

Shy naked China girl with hairy pussy opening her legYou know that it’s going to taste as good as she looks too. You can’t just all take, you need to give a little back too ;).

I got plenty of xxx Chinese nude sweetheart leg spreading pics:

Tasty open pussy lips pink vagina Asian ChineseDon’t you worry about that.

And the way how she looks at you though <3

Hot smiling naked Chinese girl on bed wideopen legsSuch a turn on. It makes me want to eat her out even more.

I think she’s actually showing you how she likes her pussy to be sucked on here:

Open hairy pussy China amateur on bed in hotelOh yes, that tight little China nude pussy doesn’t need big lips to give her maximum pleasure.

Here I got another adorable Chinese nude smile pic of her with her leg open:

Gorgeous laughing Chinese nude girl pussy tits shots

Followup hot Chinese nude cutey pic is where she’s licking her own lips:

Lickable horny Chinese nude pussy amateurs

I can’t stop staring at that wonderful hairy pussy though:

Incredible hot China hairy pussy pic

I really like how she’s looking away here while he plays with her pussy. She’s a real cute shy girl <3

Shy Chinese nude GF pussy play exposed by her BFYou can tell by her hands that she would also love it if he played with her tits a bit. I mean every girl likes that. So that’s why I like to eat them out while fondling their tits with both of my hands at the same.

And here I got a sweet tight Chinese nude pussy pic from upclose:

Incredibly tasty pussy pic of cute Asian girlI like how you can see her smile in here as well. What a cutey.

Perfect Bent Over Ass

So here I got the actually good stuff of her. A few more of her fantastic Chinese nude butt bent over pics. I really love seeing girls from behind. It’s my all time favorite position. You can see their juicy ass pussy at the same time like this:

Bent over Chinese nude ass on bed teaserNow that’s an oriental ass I want to stick my face in. She has such a nice butt for an Asian girl. Usually they got a flat butt. But not this one though. No sir, this one is blessed with some nice full cheeks, just like Abigail Del V. in her exposed Ex Girlfriend Nudes collection.

And would you look at how tight she actually is:

Beautiful naked China girl pussy from behind upcloseSweet Jesus, both of her holes looks tasty <3 I can already imagine how good it would feel to be inside her, while spanking her ass at same time. You know that she would love that. This is such a great teaser!

Of course I also got a nice upclose pic of that sexy China ass pussy from behind:

Delicious mouth watering Chinese nude pussy from behindI love it how he spreads them with two fingers. Looking at makes my mouth all watery as I just want to run my tongue deep through it. She definitely gonna taste very good.

So if you haven’t seen her first collection yet, I suggest that you check that out too. You definitely don’t want to miss out on all of her sweet Nude Chinese Girlfriend pics. And if you got time left and feeling generous, leave a comment and let me know what you think about her. I’m eager to find out if you guys think the same about her as me.

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