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Tumblr nudes tattoo girl of shittymermaid

I discovered another sexy girl with tattoos on Tumblr that you might like. She goes by the name of ShittyMermaid Tumblr. And she’s quite a hottie if I can say so myself. If you look at the nude below, you can see that she does look a little bit like a sexy mermaid. And she’s anything but shitty. I think it’s even safe to say that she’s a hot bad ass amateur girl! And who doesn’t like that? Also she definitely got some nice shy perfect compact tiny tits with a sexy small waist. I know that most girls would kill to get her figure. But her best feature is her big ass! I mean just look at those hot curves on this babe with tattoos Tumblr! Don’t tell me that you don’t like that?

Now I only have eight Amateur Porn Pics total of this hot girl with tattoo though. Because she doesn’t post a lot of herself on Tumblr. But the few sexy Girlfriend Nudes selfies that I got are really hot! So that’s a good thing. Anyway, enjoy these naked girls with tattoos Tumblr ShittyMermaid pics <3

ShittyMermaid Tumblr naked selfshot in mirror

ShittyMermaid Girls With Tattoos Nudes

So like I said, I only got a few sexy nudes of this ShittyMermaid Tumblr girls with tattoos. But they are really good. Especially when you can see her fully curves naked booty. Unfortunately, after exploring her Tumblr account, I know that she doesn’t like to post that much nudes of herself. Hence why I only got 8 pictures of her. And that’s a real shame too. Because she a real bad ass amateur hottie. But oh well, we can’t have it all I guess. So enjoy these few nudes that I do got of her! Also I got a little surprise pictures of her at the end that you might like <3

Second picture of nude girls with tattoos Tumblr ShittyMermaid is a pussy tits selfie:

Naked girls with tattoos Tumblr bottomless tits and pussy selfiesShe got her dress rolled all the way up and you can see that this naughty girl isn’t wearing anything underneath <3 I have to say that she does look a little bit like Jenna Jade Premium Nudes here though ;3 I told you that she’s a beautiful ShittyMermaid Tumblr hottie!

Now I know that this is not a naked selfshot of ShittyMermaid Tumblr. But I just love seeing her beautiful curvy ass:

Bubble butt selfshot Tumblr in mirror sitting on counterShe got those buns rested on the counter and it looks amazingly sexy! Can you imagine her bending over with that bubble butt? <3 I don’t have a picture of that though. But you can imagine how hot that would be, right?

And here I got a fantastic naked curvy ass selfie of our favorite girls with tattoos Tumblr showing off:

Selfshot of beautiful naked bubble butt of ShittyMermaid Tumblr

She definitely squats to get that ass. It’s the result of months of hard work and it’s worth it. You can bet that every guy turns his head every time she walks into a room. That booty definitely not go unnoticed.

Here I got a incredible sexy frontal naked selfshot of ShittyMermaid Tumblr:

Tumblr nudes tattoo girl of shittymermaidAnd it looks like she’s a petite girl too! So that makes her even better in my eyes <3 Because I love petite girls.

Followup is another nude selfie girls with tattoos Tumblr babe:

Nude girlfriend Tumblr shittymermaid selfiesI think she’s about to take a bath here. And who doesn’t like to join her? I would love to wash her booty clean and fuck her dirty again! Rinse and repeat, right?

GF ShittyMermaid BJ

Here I got a fantastic selfie of her BF sitting in front of her with his big cock:

Naughty couple Tumblr with big cock infront of girlfriend faceShe’s giving a real naughty look at him too. And you can see that his cock is almost as big as her head. I would love to see her try take that in. Oh wait.. ;3

Now the last picture is definitely my favorite one. She’s sucking on her boyfriends tip while trying to get it all in and you can see that she’s having a little trouble with it too:

Girlfriend sucking on big cock Tumblr shittymermaidYou can tell that she’s definitely enjoying herself here.

If you like hot Tumblr girls, I can recommend you check out Third Eye Fairy Nudes! But she doesn’t have any tattoos though.

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