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ShittyMermaid Tumblr Photos Part II

Tumblr ShittyMermaid selfie hot tattoo girl collection

You’ve probably seen her around on my Amateur Porn blog already. Because I already made a post about her before. But if you haven’t seen those yet, I suggest you check those out first. You can find her in my hot (ex) Naked Girlfriends section for the ones that are  interested. Or you can find her link below this post. So she’s quite a hot girl if you are into girls with tattoos that is. And her tiny tits and her curvy ass is looking really good too. Now I do have to tell you that these nudes that I have for you today aren’t anything new. Apparently I just missed a few from her Tumblr blog while I was visiting it last time. And now I’m just posting up the remaining ones. I also notice that she stopped updating her blog too. Her last entry was from the 30th of January. So don’t expect anything new either.

Tumblr ShittyMermaid selfie hot tattoo girl collection

Sexy ShittyMermaid Selfies

So I have a total of eleven pictures of her, if you count the combined ones of her clothed unclothed as two. Now she’s actually one of the few girls from Tumblr that I don’t have many nude photos from. Which is really weird actually. Because I know that girls who are active on Tumblr are usually all exhibitionist,  meaning they love showing off their amazing naked body. If you take a look at this Hot Naked Girls from Tumblr named ShyLittleBaby for example, you know what I mean. Or you can check out Teen Tumblr Girlfriend named Strungout-and-Frustrated too and see that she post a lot as well. But yeah, I guess we should just be happy that she’s posting at all. Am I right?

I made a total of three sexy dressed ShittyMermaid Tumblr undressed pictures for you. And I hope you enjoy these as much as I did making them. I think it’s hard too find matching pictures to make them look good though. But at least I tried ;). Enjoy!

Hot dressed undressed Tumblr ShittyMermaid babe nudes

Naughty amateur Tumblr OnOff Pics forest tits

Clothed Unclothed Tumblr girl in white lingerie

More Tumblr Tattoo Girl Nudes!

All right, moving on to some normal single hot pictures of her. I got five more nudes left. And yes, I know it’s so little. But we got to do with what we have. Like I said, just be glad that she’s posting at all. And if this is the first time for you seeing her, you can always check out her first part afterwards. I believe that there are eight more pictures there?

Now this is definitely one of my favorite ShittyMermaid nude selfies of her:

Sexy ShittyMermaid tits out glasses pic with her friendBecause I just really love looking at hot nerdy girls with glasses <3 She looks like one of those naughty secretary you could do filthy things with too.

Naked bath Tumblr babe sideboob tits shot

Here I got a nice ShittyMermaid blonde nude selfie of her:

Tumblr pierced tits Shittymermaid selfieI personally think that she looks better with dark hair though. What do you think?

So here I got another hot ShittyMermaid blowjob picture of her that I apparently miss from her blog:

Horny Tumblr girl sucking on her boyfriends dickI think this is a really nice one as you can almost imagine her down on her knees in front of you <3 And I love her horny stare as well. Very hot! Now that’s the kind of girl you want!

Her boyfriend is definitely one lucky guy for sure as you can tell from this hot amateur sex picture of her:

Big ass Tumblr ShittyMermaid reverse cowgirl sex photoI mean just look at that fantastic huge ShittyMermaid’s naked ass man!

And that’s it. We’ve gone through all of young ShittyMermaid nudes now I think. I will be updating more of her if she post anything new. But I highly doubt she will be active again though. Once these girls go inactive, they usually stay inactive. But we’ll see. In the meantime you can enjoy yourself with other girls on your favorite Amateur Nudes site. If you are looking for specifically Tumblr girls, please use the search function. Oh and I almost forgot to link sweet ShittyMermaid Tumblr Girls with tattoos first post. You can find her Tumblr link in there as well.

ShittyMermaid Tumblr Photos Part II -
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ShittyMermaid Tumblr Photos Part II -
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