How to Know If You’re Falling in Love

Love is a special condition that completely changes the work of our body and mind. Love activates us, awakens sensuality, breeds happiness and the desire to live. Often, love sneaks up and strikes us out of the blue. So, how to know if you are falling in love? Here are some signs from

  1. You encounter her everywhere
    It seems that fate brings you together: you bump into her in different places, your friends talk about her, she is online whenever you log in.
  2. You want to be with her
    You miss her when she’s not around. You don’t think about friends, relatives, and work. You are ready to sacrifice all your free time to spend it with her. You include her in all your plans.
  3. Romance and love
    Something unconceivable is going on with your playlist of music on your phone and computer. When did love songs replace your favorite metal and rock?
  4. She is your drug
    It’s like an obsession. You think about her constantly and even make mental dialogs. You can’t sleep because she is on your mind.
  5. She is perfect
    The world hasn’t seen such a beautiful girl. You realize that other girls have some virtues. But your girlfriend is a combination of all the qualities that you like: she is smart, beautiful, charming, kind, passionate, and sexy.
  6. You are ready to change
    Few things (and even fewer people) can make a person change for the better. However, you are becoming a better version of yourself because of this girl.
  7. You want to talk about her
    You are ready to share how you feel about her with your friends and want to talk about her even with passers-by. Man, love is flooding you!
  8. You want her
    You want to hug her, hold her hand, kiss her lips, and tell funny stories. But deep down, you want even more. The combination of romance and sexual attraction is, actually, love.
  9. You forget your ex-girlfriend
    Sometimes, you just need to meet the right person to completely let go of your past. If you’re in love, you don’t think about your ex.
  10. You make joint plans
    You think about children, family and things like this. Well, what else can we say? This is love.

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