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My Sexy Girlfriend Mina Part II

Sweet naked my sexy girlfriend pic Mina with blue eyes pussy legs up FI

Believe it or not, I received some more very tasty Amateur Homemade Porn Pics of hottie my sexy girlfriend Mina from Jerry! Apparently he was holding a few more delicious nudes of her behind. If you missed out on the first post, I suggest you take a look at it right now by following this link to My Naked Girlfriend Mina. Because you definitely missed out on some very hot pictures last time. So it’s time for you to catch up! There was a whole lot of beautiful bent over pussy GF pics there that I’m sure you will love to see. And this is a followup, hence why it says in the title part II!

So if you’ve seen the first post, you probably also notice that we actually get to see her face this time too. I have no idea why he didn’t include these pics last time. Because she’s a real freaking beauty with her blue eyes! I like her very much <3 She’s one my top favorite amateur girls that I got! But that is also because she has huge ass with a very tasty looking pussy! And on top of that, there is a lot of pictures of her bending over (my favorite girl position) too. So that is why she scores high in my list! But anyway, enjoy these delicious Amateur Porn Nudes of sexy GF Mina <3

Cute sexy girlfriend Mina with her legs up and showing her pussy pic

My Sexy GF Nudes Mina

So Jerry actually send me a bunch of photos again. Including a lot of doubles that I used last time. I had to invest some time in it to pick out some quality nudes for my blog. I hope you like them! If you have want to see the other ones, you can comment on this post. And I’ll see how much loves there is for it.

I’m jumping straight into her beautiful naked my sexy girlfriend pussy pic of Mina with her legs up:

Very hot pussy pic of my sexy girlfriend Mina legs upBecause I know you guys love seeing these! And if you are into women feet, then this is a double win for you! But sweet Jesus her pussy looks freaking delicious! And I think it’s safe to say that her pussy taste as delicious as it looks. But only Jerry can confirm that ;3

Now this next picture that I got is a super sweet my sexy girlfriend nude pic of Mina leaning against her bed railing:

Cute sexy GF Mina naked and posing with her tiny titsShe’s giving you that very naughty up-to-no-good look. And that is kinda hot! And even though she got beautiful tiny tits, it is still freaking amazing! Because I love all women tits equally ;3, regardless if they are small or big. But it’s just important to me that they are all natural. Because those are just the best ones.

Here I got a few very hot sexy my girlfriend pussy selfshots of Mina with legs up while sitting on her desk:

Delicious bottomless selfshot pussy pic of MinaI bet this was send as a tease to her boyfriend Jerry to make him cum home faster ;3

Of course I also have another shot from a different angle of babe my sexy girlfriend Mina selfie pic with her legs wide open:

Hot bald pussy of my sexy girlfriend Mina with her legs openI like how she shines her desk light on her delicious looking vagina though. She definitely thought of everything how to make a high quality selfie pic of her pink young pussy <3

Bent Over Sexy GF Pussys

Moving on to my darn favorite my sexy girlfriend amateur bent over position! If you have been following me around for some time on my personal amateur blog, then you know I just freaking love girls bending over with their huge tasty ass! Don’t worry though, they might look familiar like in Mina’s first post, but I can assure you that they are not! All of these quality my GF nudes that I post up are all unique.

Hot bent over pussy Mina on bed railingI swear that beautiful big amateur ass is just begging to be smacked till she has red cheeks! <3

Here I got a fantastic my sexy girlfriend bent over ass shot:

Nude bent over big ass of hot GF MinaEven thought that I consider myself as a ass lover guy. I still have to admit that her pussy looks freaking delicious! I just want to grab both of those cheeks and push my face and tongue inside her delicious vagina. Just like Taylor’s Big Juicy Ass pic!

And here she’s sticking those tasty my sexy girlfriend pussy all the way back:

Tasty rear pussy and big butt of Mina on bed

If this doesn’t get your blood flowing, then I’m not sure what will. I love her big puffy pussy <3 She can definitely sit on my face anytime she wants with that beautiful rear end ;3

And of course I also have a puffy pussy my sexy girlfriend legs up pic

Delicious sexy pussy pic upclose of Mina with her legs up on bedSo if you ever find a girl sitting like this on bed. You know she’s just waiting for you to put your lips on hers and start sucking and licking like there will be no more pussy tomorrow! And you can bet that while you eat her out, that a finger or two up her ass would make her moan harder too.

And here is another gorgeous bent over amateur my sexy girlfriend ass Mina with her face down over the railing:

Fantastic bent over ass pic of Mina in girlfriend nudesI’m sure she’s just waiting to get pounded hard and rough from behind. But her boyfriend Jerry wanted to make a memorable picture of it first.

But a girl like Mina with her legs open while lying on her flat stomach is pretty awesome to see as well:

Fantastic naked pussy from behind of sexy GF mina on bedAnd those beautiful cheeks though, that are clapping together in this picture!, is just awesome to stare at! She got one very nice my naked girlfriend vagina. Don’t you think? I mean holy shit that is one fat ass cheeks that I like <3

Of course I also have a very sexy upclose pussy ass pic of her, taken by Jerry:

Tight asshole and sexy rear pussy from behind of my sexy girlfriend MinaI never rimmed a girl’s tasty looking ass. But my sexy girlfriend Mina sure makes it hard to resist that.

So this is another fantastic my sexy girlfriend Mina with her face down and naked ass up pic:

Naked bent over ass pussy girlfriend Mina against bedI’m pretty sure you don’t get enough of these pictures. And that you like me that can stare at a hot pussy all day long! I want to give her a little bit of spanking though, every time that I see her bending over like a true amateur <3

Up My Sexy Girlfriend Ass

What you didn’t see last time, but probably could have guessed, is that beautiful my sexy girlfriend Mina is into ass fucking too! So that means that she just won the award of best girlfriend of the year from me! She got her ass up here while looking back at you, which is super hot! And you know that butthole is going to be wonderfully tight too:

Perfect bent over ass with dildo up her assI really like girls bent over face down and ass up position! I just want to eat her out while she plays with her own ass like this! So freaking hot to see.

Followup picture is a sweet my sexy girlfriend pic masturbating photo while she still has that dildo up her tight little hole:

Very sexy girlfriend Mina touching her pussy while a dildo is up her buttAs you can see, my sexy GF nude ass Mina is using one hand to rub her clit, while the other hand is probably going inside that sweet wet pussy in and out fast.

So we are almost down to our last sexy my naked girlfriend picture. But it’s not a normal one though. Nope, I’ve actually got a hold of a GIF of her while she’s on her hands and knees and playing with her pussy with still a dildo up that sweet ass of hers <3

Isn’t that quite amazing to look at? How a girl plays with herself on bed <3

Now this is definitely my favorite picture of this post. I mean who doesn’t like getting his dick sucked by a gorgeous my sexy girlfriend nudes named Mina? I like how it looks like that she’s having trouble putting it in her mouth too:

My sexy girlfriend Mina sucking on a thick cockBut I can imagine that she only has the tip in so she can lick around inside her mouth for more pleasure! She’s a real beauty like I said for a blonde my sexy girlfriend collection pics.

I hope you enjoyed these super hot pictures of naked Mina! Because I’m sure she had much fun making them. If you really like them, please comment and show some love! Because I know Jerry & Mina would like that very much. Or you could always send an email to Jerry, as that is an option too. And if you got time, I recommend you take a look at my Girlfriend Nudes blog to find a girl that you like! Or you can always check another fantastic homemade porn of Sexy Amateur Wife Liz Green getting naked.  I got thousands of amateurs waiting to be discovered by you <3

My Sexy Girlfriend Mina Part II -
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My Sexy Girlfriend Mina Part II -
Another Private Homemade Porn Pics of Gorgeous My Sexy Girlfriend Mina! All credits goes to her boyfriend Jerry though. Because without him sending these in, we couldn't enjoy these! There is a lot of sexy bent over ass shots with a few delicious pussy selfies here. She's a very sexy amateur girl in these nudes!
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